Cyprus Company Registry

Cyprus Company Registry

4. Will i want special permits or licenses for my brand new company in Cyprus?

company search cyprusWith regards to the continuing business activity you want to conduct, you can find companies that need special licenses or licenses. Our Cypriot lawyers can offer you more info in the matter.

5. what's the procedure of business collection agencies in Cyprus?

Business collection agencies agencies are entrusted with performing debt recovery proceedings in Cyprus. Additionally cases which are tried by the Cypriot District Courts.

6. Do you need a visa to enter Cyprus? Just how can we get it?

Foreign residents of non-EU countries have to apply for a Cypriot visa depending on the purpose of their visit. Our law firm can make suggestions through the application procedure.

7. What are the actions i have to follow so that you can get citizenship in Cyprus?

You'll get Cypriot citizenship by birth right, by naturalization, by marrying a national or by investment. Citizenship by marriage can be obtained after three years of marriage, while by naturalization can be acquired after living 7 years in the nation.

8. What are the needs regarding employment in Cyprus?

Foreign citizens of non-EU nations may obtain a residence or work license after their arrival in Cyprus. They must first register for social safety and then look for work.

9. Are there any special needs for marriage and/or divorce proceedings in Cyprus?

Marriage registration in Cyprus consists in publishing both a common and a petition that is separate both partners. In some situations a statement of permission before a Cypriot District Court could be needed. The wedding will be registered between 15 times and a few months following the declarations were submitted. Divorce cases are tried by Family Courts.
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Advantages Of Cyprus Company Development

A Cyprus company enjoys so many Tax Benefits that no other company in almost any EU country offers every one of these benefits accumulated in one single company. A Cyprus company could be the perfect income tax optimization device to help you reduce your taxes legally to really low prices. A Cyprus company provides needless to say not only tax benefits but other advantages that are major. Since the professionals in this industry we recommend the Cyprus company for your requirements on full responsibility than no other company all over the world can be practicable, versatile, simple to run and enjoys so tax that is many other benefits. See below a few of its major benefits:

A company formed in Cyprus will pay only 12.5% business taxation on its web profits!
Zero income tax on the dividends paid to its non-resident investors.
It pays just 2.5% fees from profits from intellectual property legal rights such as for instance patents, trademarks, publications, music, recreations legal rights, movies etc.
A Cyprus company can enjoy the benefit of 0% tax on dividends received from subsidiary companies all over the world after its formation.
Company bank account in mere a day or two after its incorporation.
The company in Cyprus on its formation, could be logged aided by the vat authority in 2 days.
It's an EU company and it really is enjoys respect all over the globe. It is really not blacklisted in virtually any nation. Cyprus is just a tax that is low and never a no income tax, taxation haven.
After its registration in Cyprus a company enjoys capital gains tax exemptions available for sale of immovable properties or other assets, abroad.
No contract stamp duties in lots of occasions.
No tax is paid by a Cyprus company on earnings from permanent establishments abroad!
No taxation is paid on any earnings made by trading in its very own stocks or shares of other companies or other securities this type of forex, bonds, debentures etc.