St Lucia - 10 Things To Know Before You Go

St Lucia - 10 Things To Know Before You Go

St Lucia - that lush green island of rugged unspoilt beauty must be a MUST VISIT not less than as soon as in your lifetime and in this fast introduction you'll uncover just 10 of the numerous reasons why.

1. The Resorts - Starting from the no frills Bed and Breakfast to the more opulent and regal spreads, either perched on a hilltop with commanding ocean views or right down on the beach, we boast accommodations suited to each taste and budget.

2. The Climate - With year-round temperatures of 65 - ninety five degrees Fahrenheit you really couldn't pick a better Caribbean Vacation Location

3. All Inclusives - All inclusives are a great way to vacation as you may enjoy your holidays and not pay a single penny more...well practically!

4. Getting Around - Check out a St Lucia map before you arrive to discover a number of the fun places to discover and get to really know, with Gros Islet being one such place that comes to mind...

5. Tours & Excursions - A good way to really enjoy this Simply Beautiful Island Paradise is to get out on a few excursions once you get here. Decide what floats your boat...excursions by land, or by sea...deep sea fishing, discover a nature reserve or working plantation, or even go on a St Lucia Photo Safari the place you'll study skills that will teach you the right way to create the perfect vacation photographs that you're going to be proud to print to canvas and body

6. Automotive Leases - For those who like to discover on your own there are many automobile rental corporations to select from and in recent times the St Lucia Authorities has granted automotive rental companies very favorable tax breaks that have allowed them to update their fleets to more modern vehicles.

7. Trash The Costume - Spice up your vacation with this sensuous, super sexy photograph shoot that will take you all the way down to the seashore for a photo session that takes you up on the rocks then into the ocean.

8. The Restaurants - A culinary explosion of amazing tastes awaits you in St Lucia, from authentic Cantonese delicacies to a European Caribbean fusion, to Lucian type Tex Mex, to the real meals that we locals like to eat...and so much more in between.

9. Duty Free Shopping - Well your trip just would not be complete with out some good buys in your good byes and for this Duty Free Shopping is a must. The cruise ship port at Pointe Seraphine and La Place Carenage are standard places for native Duty Free Shopping and the duty free shops at our two airports are one other place for final purchases

10. Getting Here - And final however not least is how you can get to here. American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Delta, Air Canada and a number of other charter flights frequently service St Lucia. And now Liat, The Caribbean Airline, plans to supply flights to St lucia excursions Lucia making it easier than ever earlier than so that you can come jam with us...