Salvatore Ferragamo Flats Varina Wine [FR-00127]

Salvatore Ferragamo Flats Varina Wine [FR-00127]

Good Lord, this is husband Ken, dressed for Halloween as "Beaker!" How ridiculous does he look! He loves to dress up for Halloween...I'm not even sure who this "Beaker" character is...Lord have mercy. Of course, we had to head to the Lilly Retailer at the Backyard's absolute fav store! I used to be so excited to indicate Miss Joy the dressing rooms. Here's What I Wore that day... The costume is the "Stephanie Engineered Raindrop Blue Shift" by Lilly, underneath I wore an ivory cotton turtleneck by Ralph Lauren. My ponytail was adorned with a navy grosgrain ribbon bow. I wore my "reminiscence beads" necklace from the 70's, my Cartier roll ring marriage ceremony band, and my Rolex Chamaleon watch which has a coordinating green watchband. My navy pocketbook is by...Ferragamo.


I wore these darling "Trunk Up" ballet flats by Lilly, along with ivory stockings...This is Miss Joy posing in a beautiful pink casual outfit, with a brown tank high, and brown sandals...tres chic!


Okay, I simply had to attempt on this new shift at the Lilly store...the "Price Shift--Not So Crabby" sample. ferragamo belt sale think about we are all going to see ourselves coming and going in this is sooooooo cute and so very Miss Janice! Miss Janice, procuring on the Chanel counter at Sak's...I'm wearing an orange cotton turtleneck and a black Michael Simon cotton Halloween cardigan, a really cheap khaki skirt from Goal, black Chanel loafers, pumpkin earrings, black and white gingham ribbon hair bow, and carrying my black Chanel 2.Fifty five pocketbook. I am writing a examine from my Louis Vuitton checkbook case...


This afternoon, I drug Miss Joy out to my dwelling-away-from-house--Panera Bread. After lunch, we headed out to see the new Michael Jackson film, "This is It!" It was great y'all...he positive didn't look sick, or like he could not handle himself...he undoubtedly got here throughout as a exceptional performer. I'm very glad that I went to see it.


Here's what Miss Joy wore...J. Crew--head-to-toe!Effectively, it's been a fun week. Now we're sitting right down to relaxation...having a pimento cheese sandwich and some sweet tea, and having fun with Sunday night time Must SEE Tv...Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, and Dexter. Good times, y'all!